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Region 6 Wins Rent One Region Feud

A spin on the game show favorite “Family Feud,” the Rent One Region Feud is a quarterly competition between the company’s six regions. It began as an effort to bring more fun and camaraderie to training meetings and hopefully improve retention rate.

During the Feud, teams are asked questions, and members have the opportunity to answer until a team either answers all questions correctly or gets three strikes. If all questions in a round are answered correctly, the team moves on to the next round, eliminating their competition. If a team gets three strikes, they are eliminated and give their opponents the chance to answer remaining questions.

Winners walk away with the Larry Carrico Rent One Region Feud Roving Trophy, which they get to keep until the next competition. For the second time in a row, Region 6 won the trophy, and Region Manager Tim Daugherity says they will continue to bring in the victories.

Region Feud

Mark Williams, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, presents the Rent One Region Feud trophy to Region 6 Manager Tim Daugherity and the Region 6 team.