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Rent One Closes Charleston Location, Retains Employees

After 15 years of service, the Rent One location in Charleston, Missouri closed its doors on December 31, 2008. In spite of turmoil in some industries, Rent One was glad to be able to retain the Charleston employees by transferring them to the nearby Sikeston location, which had recently been expanded.

“Our decision to leave Charleston was difficult, especially after being there for so long,” Rent One President Trent Agin said.

There were several factors that contributed to the closing, including that customers would be easily able to access nearby Sikeston and Cairo locations.

“We do a large portion of our business in surrounding smaller communities, and with Rent One locations only 16 miles away in either direction – in Cairo and Sikeston – we felt we could serve our clients equally well,” Agin said.

According to Agin, part of the reason Charleston was closed was the significant overlap with other locations.

“Less than 50% of our client base in Charleston consisted of Charleston residents,” Agin said. “There was also a huge overlap in the service areas; and with increasing operating costs, it just made sense.”

Perhaps the most positive factor in the closing was that employees of the Charleston location were able to keep their jobs.

“We were able to absorb our workforce into our Sikeston location and avoid any layoffs,” Agin said. “Our team members are very important to us, and we worked to find a solution that would work for them.”

Additionally, advances in technology have provided customers with added convenience so that no matter which store they shop at, they have the opportunity to rent and pay online.   

“Our online shopping and payment options have provided Rent One clients with greater convenience,” Agin said. “We are happy to continue providing them with this benefit.”

Rent One maintains a positive outlook, and is confident in its ability to continue providing Charleston customers with the same great products and service at its other locations.

“Even with the closing of our Charleston store, we are able to continue serving the same areas and provide the level of service our clients have grown accustom to, with our existing employees,” Agin said. “And by opening two stores in new markets, we have been able to bring Rent One to those that previously did not have access to a nearby location.”

Rent One currently operates a total of 42 locations across Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Indiana, including its newest stores in Searcy, Arkansas and West Plains, Missouri.