5 Reasons to Rent Furniture for Your Apartment

Posted on Apr 01, 2020

Finding a new apartment is one thing, but getting settled is a whole other story. The entire process of moving can be exhausting, especially when it involves furniture. There's nothing like dealing with large and unwieldy things, no matter how beautiful or expensive they may be.

That’s why renting furniture is the best way to avoid all of the hassles when moving. Rent One has helped countless apartment renters furnish their new spaces quickly and easily, and we can help you too! For anyone considering the option of renting apartment furniture, here are the top five reasons why renting-to-own furniture makes more sense than purchasing outright.

1. It's a Wiser Investment

It's easy to get smitten with chic and classy furniture, but these pieces often demand a hefty investment. Besides, there's no guarantee as to how long they will feel right, especially for someone who likes to keep changing their interior decor. In such a scenario, the furniture will likely end up being sold, obviously for a lower price, leading to a loss that could be easily prevented with furniture rental. At Rent One, you’re pre-approved, and we offer affordable payment options. You can get the furniture you want for a price that fits your budget!

2. It's Fast and Straightforward

Buying furniture involves a significant cost, but that's not all. One has to visit several furniture stores to know what options are available. Of course, to a wise shopper visiting more stores is always better for comparison purposes, but this can make the process almost as draining as moving itself. Furniture rental, however, means exploring a website, choosing furniture and having the pieces delivered. Not only does Rent One deliver your new pieces, but we also make moving in that much easier since we offer furniture set up—for free!

3. It’s Easy to Find Your Style

One of the best things about shopping is being able to try things out before committing. Why should furniture be any different? Sometimes something that looks gorgeous and comfortable in a showroom will not live up to its promise once it reaches home. Luckily, Rent One welcomes returns of rent-to-own furniture. So don’t worry! You can try out your piece in your apartment and see how it works, and if you change your mind, you can just make a call and get a new set that better fits the style or look that you’re going for.

4. It's Great for Mobility

Some people like to stay on the move, but whether it's to pursue an academic opportunity or fulfill a job assignment, constantly moving your furniture from place to place can be such a burden. Plus, transporting furniture can be expensive, and the pieces could even get damaged in the process. All these factors only add to the reasons furniture rentals are the smarter way to go. There's no need to travel across town or the country with all that bulk in tow, and no need to pay the entailed costs either. Rent One has convenient locations that will make furnishing your new place a breeze, wherever you are!

5. It's Planet-Friendly

Furniture nowadays is built for longevity, so when it comes to the quality of rent-to-own furniture, you know it will last. However, when people who purchase new furniture want to get rid of their old pieces, they often leave them on the curb and they end up in the dump. But when you rent your apartment furniture, you don’t have that issue! You simply return your furniture when you are done, and it won’t contribute to environmental littering. Rent One is dedicated to helping our customers find pieces for their homes, and we take pride in knowing that our rental furniture will not end up in the dump hurting our planet.

Furniture Rental Store

It's not hard to see why furniture rentals are all the rage these days. Compared to buying furniture, rent-to-own is clearly easier financially, physically and even environmentally, not to mention it's more efficient and flexible for people with changing tastes.

While buying furniture has its own set of benefits, there is no doubt that rented and RTO furniture, especially from a reputable company like Rent One, is a worthwhile option. To find exactly what you need for your new apartment, view our selection of quality rental furnishings today!

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