How to Sanitize Your Electronic Devices

Posted on Jul 24, 2020

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Sanitizing during the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most important steps to take to keep you, your family and others safe. Among many other things you use on a daily basis, it is a good idea to regularly disinfect your electronic devices.

Rent One is dedicated to helping keep our community safe, so here is a brief guide that covers how to disinfect and clean various types of electronics without causing damage. Remember to ensure that all devices are unplugged and powered off prior to cleaning.

Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones and tablets normally feature a fingerprint-resistant coating on the screen or screen protector that you could inadvertently damage if improperly cleaned. The best way to clean these devices is to remove the case and use a damp microfiber cloth to gently wipe the device. You can also use cotton swabs to clean some of the harder-to-reach crevices.

If there's no coating on the device, use a mixture consisting of one part alcohol and one part water to clean the device. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it onto the microfiber cloth, which you can then use to wipe down the device.

Desktop Computers and Keyboards

Clean a desktop monitor using a combination of water and your microfiber cloth. You can also use a canned air duster to clean the interior of your computer tower and wipe off any excess dust on your deskspace to keep your work area clean.

When cleaning the keyboard, turn it upside down and shake it over a trash can. Again, you can use canned air to clean the crevices and clear them of any dust or debris. Gently clean the surface of the keyboard using your alcohol-water mixture and microfiber cloth, and don’t forget to do the same with your mouse!


Cleaning a laptop follows a process similar to cleaning a desktop computer. Turn the laptop upside down to empty out any debris that might get into the keyboard, and use canned air to clear out any additional dust or debris.

You can use water and your microfiber cloth to clean all surfaces and finish the job with the alcohol-water mixture.

Game Consoles and Controllers

With the console turned off, you can use your canned air duster to clean all inputs and crevices along the side of the console. Then you can soak your microfiber cloth dampened with an alcohol-water solution to wipe down the surfaces of your console and controllers. A cotton swab soaked in the solution can also help clean crevices in the controller.

Flatscreen TVs

It's best to try to avoid glass cleaners when cleaning a flatscreen TV, as these solutions can cause corrosion. Instead, use plain water and your microfiber cloth to wipe down all components while the TV is unplugged and turned off.

Headphones and Earphones

Unlike other electronic devices, your earphones and headphones can experience earwax and sweat buildup. Clean any removable tips by taking them off and using soap and water to clean them. Using water and your microfiber cloth, wipe down earpieces and cords, and dry the tips before reattaching them. However, you should only use a dry cloth to clean Bluetooth devices to avoid damage.

By properly cleaning your electronics, you can keep your devices safe for use and in good condition. If you’re looking for the best TVs, gaming consoles and other electronic devices, view Rent One’s wide selection of affordable products today! Find your closest store location or shop online!

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