Rent to Own Reclining Sofas & Loveseats

From sleek and compact to snug and spacious, Rent One’s Reclining Sofa & Loveseats come in a variety of styles to ensure your comfort needs are covered.

06/23/23 Notice: Learn more about the PRODUCT RECALL of the Ashley Furniture Industries, LLC Party Time Loveseat, Recliner, and Sofa (the Power Recliners).

Reclining Sofa and Loveseats

Affordable Rent to Own Reclining Sofas & Loveseats

Transform your living space into a haven of comfort and style with Rent One's rent to own reclining sofas and loveseats. Carrying a range of styles, we cater to your comfort needs and budget, offering options from sleek and compact to snug and spacious.

At Rent One, we prioritize your satisfaction by understanding the importance of durable, comfortable furniture. Our pieces feature top-quality materials to ensure lasting comfort and relaxation for you and your family.

Not Sure Which Style Is Right for You?

Explore our guide to understand the differences between various styles and features of reclining sofas and loveseats.

Choosing the Right Style of Reclining Sofa & Loveseat: A Guide

Selecting the perfect reclining sofa and loveseat set for your home can enhance comfort. With various types and features available, it's essential to understand the differences to make an informed decision.

1. Traditional vs. Modern Design:

Consider whether you prefer a traditional or modern aesthetic for your living space. Traditional reclining sofas and loveseats typically boast classic silhouettes with plush upholstery. Modern designs feature sleek lines and contemporary finishes.

2. Fabric vs. Leather Upholstery:

Choose from fabric and leather upholstery based on your lifestyle and preference. Fabric upholstery offers a wide range of colors and patterns, making it versatile and easy to customize. Leather upholstery offers a luxurious, durable appearance and easy cleaning, ideal for high-traffic areas.

3. Reclining Mechanism:

Some reclining sofas and loveseats enable users to adjust the position with a lever or handle. Others feature power reclining mechanisms that allow you to lean back effortlessly with the touch of a button.

4. Additional Features:

Consider additional features that enhance comfort and functionality, such as:

  • Lumbar support
  • Heating or massage functions
  • Removable armrests
  • Power reclining options
  • Integrated speakers or Bluetooth capabilities
  • Reversible cushions for extended durability
  • LED lighting accents
  • Removable and washable fabric covers
  • Hidden compartments for remote controls or small items
  • Built-in tray tables or snack trays
  • Dual power outlets for charging electronic devices

5. Size and Layout:

Measure your living space to ensure the reclining sofa and loveseat fit comfortably. Consider the room size and layout to determine if you need a two-seater loveseat or a larger reclining sectional sofa.

6. Trial and Testing:

Visit a showroom or store to test different styles and features in person. Sit on the sofas and loveseats, test their reclining mechanisms, and assess their comfort levels to find your best fit.

Considering these factors, explore our inventory at Rent One to choose the perfect reclining sofa and loveseat set.

Benefits of Rent to Own Reclining Sofas & Loveseats

At Rent One, you can enjoy convenient and affordable weekly or monthly payment plans without undergoing credit checks. Our flexible payment options make owning the furniture you love easy without a significant upfront payment. Plus, getting your new reclining sofa or loveseat has never been easier with free delivery and setup.

How to Purchase at Rent One

Shopping with Rent One is simple, budget-friendly, and convenient. Choose your favorite reclining sofa or loveseat online or visit one of our local showrooms. Select your payment plan, complete your rental application online or in-store, and schedule your delivery with our team. It’s that easy!

Find Your Perfect Reclining Sofa & Loveseat Today

Turn your living room into a cozy retreat with Rent One's affordable rent to own reclining sofas and loveseats. Browse our selection online or visit a nearby store to find your new favorite piece of furniture

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