Rent to Own Ranges

Prepare meals like a pro when you shop Rent One’s Ranges. Equipped for efficiency, each model features a spacious stovetop and large capacity oven.

Rent to Own Ranges

No kitchen is complete without a range - now you can "Rent One" with our unique Rent to Own process. We offer a great selection of electric ranges at prices that fit your budget.

Rent One offers a great selection of Rent to Own ranges from brands like Whirlpool and Crosley. Equipped for efficiency, each model features a spacious stovetop and large capacity oven, with the necessary features and functionalities. Our Rent to Own ranges come with various heating options and oven settings.

You can even pair your ranges with appliances like a refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. We offer bundles, where you can rent your electric stove and a matching refrigerator for a single payment!. Our bundles are an affordable option that allows you to get everything you need for your kitchen.

Stoves and Ranges

What to Know Before Renting a Smooth Top Range

Smooth top ranges are becoming popular because of their sleek and modern look. Before deciding to rent a smooth top range, we suggest considering a few things:

Electrical Requirements

Before purchasing an electric stove, it is crucial to check the power source in your home to determine if it can accommodate the electrical requirements of an electric stove. Electric stoves typically require a higher voltage than standard outlets, so you may need a dedicated circuit or a specific electrical setup to support it. Consulting an electrician is recommended to ensure your home's power supply can handle an electric stove.

Smooth Top Range Cooking Surfaces

Electric ranges offer a variety of cooking surface options. The most common types are coil burners and smooth glass or ceramic cooktops. Coil burners are traditional and often less expensive, but they can be more challenging to clean. On the other hand, smooth glass or ceramic cooktops are sleek, easy to clean, and provide a modern look to your kitchen.

Electric Range Size

When selecting an electric stove, it's essential to estimate how much cooking you'll be doing and factor that into the cooking space you need. Our electric Rent to Own ranges come in various sizes.

A larger cooking space may be beneficial if you frequently cook for a large family or entertain guests. Experts say a range with 5 cubic feet of space is ideal for a family of six or fewer. However, a standard-sized electric stove may suffice if you have limited kitchen space or don't require extensive cooking capacity.

Storage Space

Another aspect to consider is the storage space provided by the electric stove. Some models come with built-in storage drawers beneath the oven, offering convenient space to hold pans, cookie sheets, and other cooking essentials. This additional storage can keep your kitchen organized and reduce clutter.

Self-Cleaning Options

Many electric stoves have self-cleaning features that simplify the oven-cleaning process. These self-cleaning options typically include a high-temperature setting that burns off food residues and spills, leaving only ash that can be easily wiped away. Some models even offer different self-cleaning modes, such as steam cleaning or quick clean cycles, which cater to varying levels of dirt and time constraints.

Electric Stove Features

Electric stoves may come with additional features to enhance your cooking experience. One such feature is "even bake technology," which ensures consistent heat distribution throughout the oven, resulting in more evenly cooked meals. This technology can be beneficial for baking and roasting.

Other extra features include programmable timers, convection cooking, specialized cooking modes, warming drawers, and dual-size or expandable heating elements on the cooktop. These features can help you find an electric stove that aligns with your specific cooking preferences and needs.

After taking these factors into consideration, be sure to take a look at our full range selection to find your home's perfect Rent to Own range.

Benefits of Choosing Rent to Own Appliances

At Rent One, we believe that everyone should have a large selection of appliances to choose from, each from a company you know and trust. We pride ourselves in our belief that everyone should have the household items they want and need:

  • We offer purchase options for all credit types.
  • Whether you have good, bad, or no credit, we say yes!
  • We offer stress-free payments that fit your budget.

We are proud to offer quality products to our clients at prices that fit their budgets. Our payment plans help clients stay on track with their monthly payments and are designed to give everyone the chance to own the appliances they need.

At Rent One:

  1. You are pre-approved. There are absolutely no credit checks required to purchase Rent One’s products, making the entire process quick and painless.

  2. You receive free delivery and setup. Stop dealing with hidden charges and costly add-ons from the other guys. At Rent One, we will get you all set up for no extra fee.

  3. You have flexible payment options. We offer stress-free weekly and monthly payment plans that you can choose from based on what best fits your budget.

  4. You receive extra services for free. Rent One values your business, and we won’t charge extra for services that should already be included with your rental, such as repairing broken items and loaning you replacements.

  5. You can own your item faster. Thanks to our flexible payment options, owning your item can become a reality a lot quicker than it can with the other rent to own companies out there.

How to Purchase Our Ranges

We make renting to own easy and convenient so you can fill your home with the high-quality items you want.

Shop online or at your local Rent One showroom
Choose your payment plan
Complete your rental application and submit online -or- complete at your local showroom
Schedule your delivery with our team (if needed, free installation is available)

It’s THAT simple!

Find Your New Rent to Own Range

Learn more about Rent One and the benefits of Rent to Own appliances. If you have any questions about our Rent to Own ranges and other appliances, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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